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Not quite a Newbie

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:58 am
by getarealhaircut
Hi all, Took up kiting last year have never touched a twin tip It just doesn't appeal to me and decided to do it hard and go strapless from the get go ... unfortunately for me I haven't seen another person riding strapless at my local spot .. twin tips and race boards as far as the eye can see no one to ask questions :-(

Anyways I have a few questions and looking for some help from some of you strapless vets. I ride a 2013 Airush Converse and have Airush one strut 9,12 and 16 kites

I've been messing around a lot with my foot position - should i be moving my feet around while riding or should i not be taking off without having them in the "right" position, also whats the ideal spot for my front foot? and does it change - I keep getting thrown when im kiting upwind into chop and wondering if I need to be pushing my weight up the board more

Im finding I can water start or just throw the board step on and dive the kite if im kiting to my left but I have to piss around for ages to water start and go to my right (riding Heel side both ways) I take it this is normal? and practice will over come - it its a pain at the moment cause I loose momentum as I turn and end up on my back losing the board before I can jybe and having to reset for an unco side water start. Whats the easiest turn to master first? and please some tips and description of what your doing and how it feels as you move through it.

Looking forward to progressing - cheers :D :D